Renting a Home with an Option to Buy ?

Moving to a new country is an enormous adventure and a challenge. Will I like it there? Will I adapt? What if I get home-sick..? Questions that creep up in one’s mind when trying to decide.

First of all, if you feel the need to move to another country, DO IT! Because if you don’t, you will regret it for the rest of your days.

But what is the best way to start? When making the move to Costa Rica, take in mind we have numerous micro-climates here. People are friendly here whether you move to the beach, the Central Valley or to Arenal! But you will have to adjust to a new climate and a new way of living. The coastal-areas are warmer and more humid. The Central Valley can cool off at night. Arenal might have too much rain for your liking. And so on; investigate the climate of the area where you want to move to!

And then when you think you know, you might still not like it after a year or so…. Then what..? Well, you can move back! That sounds so easy, but what if you have purchased a home and you don’t get it t sold right away..? Then you are stuck there, unless you are financially so well to do that you can just move elsewhere and leave the house until it is sold. Hire a maid who cleans it once in a while and give your realtor the key! Reality is often different.

We like to think with you. When we came to Costa Rica 19 years ago we moved around for months in an old Ford Bronco, then rented a house for a year and a half, before we really decided this was the area where we wanted to settle down.

Rent a House with an Option to Buy! We have options here in La Garita. Rent for a year and if you like it you can purchase the house and we will deduct all rent paid through the first year ! Moving to another country should be a happy adventurous experience ! Eliminate the risks for yourself and your loved ones and choose a safe way. Always keep in mind that maybe not all family-members will adapt to this new life.

Pura Vida !