My ‘Beautiful’ WebSite

Twelve years ago when I started getting active in Real Estate in Costa Rica, I needed a website. O boy, did my friend George make me a great website. Exactly the way I wanted it, I loved it and was so proud of it ! My business is Real Estate, ask me about constructions, values, costs of building and land and I will tell you, I am an expert !

But … I am not an expert in Promoting Myself … so, I hardly did not even notice how embarrassingly outdated my site was after all these years.

Until I met Hollie and Brian … they are from Oklahoma and rent a house here in Villas Pom d’Or and we immediately had this ‘click’, we like each other ! They pointed out to me that Social Media had advanced quiet a bit after all those years. Did it really ..? I wondered.

Facebook, Twitter, a non-static site, what are we talking about here ? I did not really have a clue. What is ‘blogging’ ?? What is ‘content strategy’ ?? Do I really have to get into all that..?

Well, I was a bit reluctant in the beginning, thinking ‘I have better things to do’, so they just gently took over and now and then they summoned me to their house and would start firing all these questions at me and yes, they gave me some homework and before I knew it, La Garita Realty was in the air with a modern, updated site, fresh, colorful and very very easy to work with !

Now La Garita Realty is face- booking, blogging and doing the whole works ! Hollie and Brian made it so easy for me and I can be proud of my site again !

Hollie and Brian, Maya Creative Group, I can highly recommend them ! On the photo you will see Hollie and her daughter Maya on the left, me on the right and next to me, Carol, one of the other girls at Villas Pom d’Or !