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Hans Goudsmit

Green Builder

Building GREEN in Costa Rica.

Hans has been building and remodeling homes and commercial buildings for 24 years. Everything he builds is in line with his philosophy to build “green,” which is good for the environment and the people in the community.

He constructs his buildings with consideration and understanding of the unique, local climate—six months of rain and six months without. The results of his thoughtful expertise are homes that are cool, well-ventilated with an abundance of natural light and protected from the heavy rainfall.

Hans utilizes solar panels as the primary source of energy for hot water and prefers recycled tiles for roofing material. He leaves standing trees and bushes whenever possible so as not to disturb the natural landscaping, preferring instead to integrate native plants into his building designs.

Hans has built Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts and Residential Homes in La Garita and the Alajuela area. He and his crew have worked together for years and make a great team!

His last Project was 10 beautiful Homes on a Beautiful Horse-Farm. These Homes are scattered around paddocks where the horses graze under majestic trees. These Homes are long-term rental Homes and prices to live here vary from $850 to $975 per month.

His current Project is an apartment-building in Alajuela, close to AutoMercado. Here, working with shortage of land, due to the more City-like Location, Hans is creating a park-like garden where the future residents can hang out in the shade of trees or when raining, in a romantic gazebo. These apartments will be rented out as well and prices will range from $450 – $650 per month.