And this is me, Christiane ! Welcome to my Blog !



In 1995 I came to Costa Rica in search of adventure and fell in love with this country immediately ! Me and my husband decided to stay and go for it !

Our two daughters were born here in 1996 and 1998 and when they went to Kindergarten I picked up my work as a realtor. A bit of a struggle, since Real Estate is like the ‘Wild West’ here and we as foreigners have to learn a lot here ! Always do remember that WE have to adapt to Costa Rica. Costa Rica will not adapt to US ..

In the meantime my Business is well-known in the area after ┬áso many years; we have had our ‘Peak Times’ and we survived the depression in Real Estate ! I am a perfectionist and an expert when it comes to Real Estate Laws in Costa Rica and Project-Development !

I work in the Central Valley’s most beautiful residential area, which is La Garita, but also work in the Industrial Zone of the Airport. Costa Rica is a very favorable environment for foreign Companies, we only allow Clean and Green Industry here !

In my Blog I will try to give as much info as I can share to make your stay here more easy. Whether that is a Temporary Stay or the Beginning of a New Life. Dont’ forget, Life is good in Costa Rica. Here, Time is not Money, Time is a Gift from God !

And with these basic tips, you will make it here !